Fee-Only Financial Planning

Project-Based Plan

If you have a few pressing financial questions you need answered, a Project-Based Plan is for you. This service is for individuals that need support in just one or two areas.


  1. You have specific questions you need to be addressed by a CFP®.

  2. You will email us your questions and any additional information we request.

  3. We will provide you a quoted time and fee for your project.

  4. We will talk about your current situation and present our recommendations.

  5. You will receive a 1-2 page summary with action steps to take after the meeting.

*Meetings are held over the phone, via videoconference, or in person if you live in the Nashville area.


Pricing: $200 per hour

Initial Financial Plan

Are you looking for a complete and in-depth analysis of your finances? With our Initial Financial Plan, you will receive your own personalized and comprehensive plan.

This is completed over a series of one-on-one meetings with your planner, during which we use interactive online software, so you can see all of your personal finances in one place.

After our engaging discussions and recommendations, we provide you with a written plan summary that clearly explains the action steps for you to take next.


  1. 30-minute Introductory Meeting, where we determine if we’re a good fit to work with each other.

  2. 60-minute Data Gathering Meeting, where we review your current financial information and define your short-term and long-term financial goals.

  3. 60-minute Strategy Meeting, where we review specific approaches to addressing each of your financial goals and answer any questions you may have. Additional meetings may be required to allow sufficient opportunity for questions and explanations.

  4. 60-minute Implementation Meeting, where we present the plan and give advice on how to implement your customized financial plan.

  5. A clear and concise written plan summary is delivered to you.

*Meetings are held over the phone, via videoconference, or in person if you live in the Nashville area.


Pricing: $1,500 Individuals / $2,500 Couples

Ongoing Financial Plan and Investment Management

After the completion of your Initial Financial Plan, we offer an all-inclusive financial planning and investment management service.

With ongoing planning, we are able to provide advice on anything that has to do with your personal finances. We help you keep your plan up-to-date as your life evolves and manage your investments to align with your financial goals.

In implementing your financial plan, we will work collaboratively with your CPA, attorneys, mortgage brokers and insurance agents as needed.


  1. We formally meet 3 times per year to review all aspects of your financial plan and make updates as needed. Additional meetings may take place as the need arises.

  2. Between meetings, we are available via phone/email on an unlimited basis.

  3. We will check in with you on a periodic basis to keep you moving towards your financial goals.

  4. Investment accounts are managed by Lyndale Financial according to your Investment Policy Statement.

*Meetings are held over the phone, via videoconference, or in person if you live in the Nashville area.


Pricing: Starts at $200 per month, based on your household net worth (see chart for full details)


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