Core Values of Lyndale Financial



We will help you organize your finances during our initial "Get Organized" meeting. This takes place from the onset of working together so you know exactly where you stand from day one. Using our online financial planning software, you are able to see all of your assets in one spot, updated every day.



We help keep you accountable to follow through on the required steps to achieve your goals. As we work together we will prioritize your goals and show you the path to accomplish every one of them, with regular follow-up along the way.



We bring our unbiased opinions in order to help you avoid emotional money decisions. These emotional decisions typically occur at the most crucial points in your life and it is important to have an informed coach on your side. Most importantly, we will manage and disclose any of our own potential conflicts of interest before the process begins.



We will be proactive in our approach to your financial plan to anticipate any major life transitions and diligently prepare for them. By preparing for your life transitions ahead of time with a carefully thought out action plan, you are able to continue on your path to financial independence.



We will educate you so you are able to understand your finances and make confident decisions. During your financial planning process, we will present you with multiple options on ways to accomplish your goals. With this information and a proper understanding of the options, you will be able to make the best possible decision for yourself.



We strive to be your partner in order to live your best life. By working as your partner, we will understand your background, family history, needs, and goals in order to guide you to a successful financial future.