Financial Ambitions

It is good to have the desire to improve your financial situation. You want to keep moving forward, even if you are happy with your progress to this point. Where do you turn for guidance? Your neighbor with the latest stock tip likely doesn’t understand the full scope of your needs. And the Saturday morning money show might just be a fancy front for selling insurance products.

Rising Generation

Family business owners face challenges that make most people cringe. The mixture of family and business creates the need for a special kind of balancing act. Can you imagine having to make a high stakes business decision, and then turn around and have a family holiday party? This is only the start of how difficult it is to be part of a family-owned business.

Lyndale Financial Turns 2

Two short years ago, Lyndale Financial was born—November 21, 2016 to be exact. If I didn’t say these were the two best years of my life, I would be lying. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the most amazing clients, connect with talented professionals in other fields, and provide a service to my community.

Mindset Shifts of High Earners

There comes a point in time when you realize the strategy that got you here won’t be the strategy going forward. High earners aren’t living paycheck to paycheck in the same way that a lower income earner is. This isn’t to say that high earners don’t need to watch their spending, as they are just as likely to fail at saving an adequate amount for retirement as their peers.

Slow Going

One of my favorite personal finance blogs is The founder and editor of the site, Jonathan Clements, is the author of multiple books and was the personal finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal for almost 20 years. Not only is his latest endeavor, HumbleDollar, a well-written site - it is also full of valuable information.