We all know how good it feels to find that 5 or 20 dollar bill in the pocket of your old pair of jeans. However, there isn’t an easy way to find that money without spending hours digging through all of your personal belongings.

One of the last couple times I was back in my hometown of Sioux Falls, SD, I was going through old boxes of personal belongings and throwing away junk. I came across a stack of about 100 high school graduation cards and decided to go through them one last time before throwing away. As luck would have it, I found $30 tucked in various cards that I somehow missed 12 years ago.

What if there was an easier way to find unclaimed money?

I’ve got some good news for you - there’s a way to find your missing money in under a minute. MissingMoney.com is a website to search for your unclaimed money. You may have unclaimed money from an old bank or investment account that you thought was emptied out. Or it may be from an uncashed check or wage from that summertime gig you had back in the good old days.

Officially, MissingMoney.com is “a database of governmental unclaimed property records”. The state you live in also has a way for you to search for unclaimed property. Just search in Google for “Unclaimed Property (insert your state)” and your state Treasurer’s office site should be listed at the top. Here is the link for Unclaimed Property in Tennessee. https://www.claimittn.gov/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

I have personally used this in the past and had about $50 in unclaimed property from my college days at Iowa State University. I don’t recall what it was from exactly, but it must have been some type of refund check that I never deposited. Regardless, I was pretty excited to find that money that was rightfully mine!

What if you have unclaimed property?

The process is very easy to claim your missing money. Your state will have a form for you to fill out so you can verify your identity and prove that the money is in fact yours, and they will send you a check after processing.

For me, the total time elapsed from making the search, completing the form, and depositing the check in my bank account was about 4-5 weeks. Fortunately, the only effort on my end was in completing the claim form and digging up an old rental agreement from my college days proving I lived in Ames, IA at that time.

So, if you are short on cash or simply want to find out if you have any unclaimed property that is rightfully yours, take the initiative today to search the Missing Money database. It’s a significantly easier way to find money than digging through your high school graduation cards.

Visit MissingMoney.com