Slow Going

One of my favorite personal finance blogs is The founder and editor of the site, Jonathan Clements, is the author of multiple books and was the personal finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal for almost 20 years. Not only is his latest endeavor, HumbleDollar, a well-written site - it is also full of valuable information.

I had the good fortune of having a blog post published on HumbleDollar recently, titled “Slow Going”. In the post, I lay out my personal strategy for recognizing and appreciating the progress I have made over time.

Progress is one of those things that, if not documented or acknowledged, goes unnoticed rather easily. In order to combat this problem, I take the following steps:

  • Track key indicators

  • Regularly increase my knowledge

  • Have an accountability partner to push me forward

  • Collect reminders of progress being made

I go into more detail about each of these four steps in the post, which I hope you find useful. Financial planning isn’t all about investment accounts and rates of return. Personal finance is real life and we are all human beings. It is important to take a step back from time to time to recognize the hidden progress you have made over the course of your life.

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