10 Questions For Legacy Planning

As we go through life saving, investing, spending and giving away our money, it is important to stop and think about what our legacy will be. That is, what do we want to be left behind after we are no longer here?

Legacy Planning is a deep and sensitive subject, so today I want to leave you with a few questions to think about with respect to your personal legacy. Like any type of financial or personal planning, legacy planning should be well thought out during both good times and bad. Take a step back from the daily grind and ask yourself a few questions..

  1. What are my family’s values?

  2. Would I like to leave my family with an inheritance?

  3. Do I want to leave any of my accumulated wealth to charity?

  4. Can I foster goodwill in my family after I am gone?

  5. How can I share my family stories today and after I am gone?

  6. In what ways can I leave a legacy at work?

  7. What advantages did I receive in my life that I want others to have?

  8. How can I express love for my family after I pass?

  9. Which family tradition would I like my kids to maintain?

  10. What can I do today that will make the world a better place in the years to come?

If you want to make sure your family is on the same page after you pass, it is important you have open and honest discussions today about the legacy you wish to have. An annual family meeting creates the opportunity for you to share your wishes, and allows your family members to prepare for what may be coming their way after you are gone.

Transparency is the key to a lasting legacy.


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