Beyond Passive

Passive index investing seems to be getting more popular by the day. And for good reason I might add. For a low cost you can get a diversified basket of stocks, a return that matches the targeted benchmark, and a lower tax bill. These are all positives when evaluating various investment options.

Playing It Safe

Investors often think of conservative versus aggressive as a discussion about their investment portfolio weightings. The more conservative investors put a larger percentage of the portfolio in fixed income. Aggressive investors favor equities. But today we are going to discuss an entirely different meaning of the word conservative. That is, we are talking about the behavior conservatism.

Keeping Records

If you are going to form one new financial habit this year, make it good record keeping. A system that is easy to follow will improve your financial life both today and for years to come. With all of the annual investment statements and tax documents you are about to start receiving, this is a great time to start.

Financial Ambitions

It is good to have the desire to improve your financial situation. You want to keep moving forward, even if you are happy with your progress to this point. Where do you turn for guidance? Your neighbor with the latest stock tip likely doesn’t understand the full scope of your needs. And the Saturday morning money show might just be a fancy front for selling insurance products.

Rising Generation

Family business owners face challenges that make most people cringe. The mixture of family and business creates the need for a special kind of balancing act. Can you imagine having to make a high stakes business decision, and then turn around and have a family holiday party? This is only the start of how difficult it is to be part of a family-owned business.

Lyndale Financial Turns 2

Two short years ago, Lyndale Financial was born—November 21, 2016 to be exact. If I didn’t say these were the two best years of my life, I would be lying. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the most amazing clients, connect with talented professionals in other fields, and provide a service to my community.